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Arroyo Creek flooding into Arroyo Court Jan. 2, 2023 (credit C. Gillett)

It has been an extremely difficult few days for San Mateo residents, and more rain is on the way tomorrow, Thursday and possibly this weekend. The initial official rain forecast was for less than 2 inches, but San Mateo was hit with 4"-5" of rain within 24 hours. While all the stormwater pumps (except the one at 42nd Street) functioned as planned, many parts of the east and south sections of San Mateo experienced flooding as the overflow of our creeks overwhelmed the City's stormwater drainage system.

Here in Baywood, Arroyo Creek overflowed, causing Arroyo Court to flood, overwhelming parked cars, garages and residents' property. The ground already is saturated, making flooding and road closures more likely if the coming rains are as heavy as predicted.

Delivering 21 tons of sand to the City's Corp Yard at 1949 Pacific Blvd.

The City set up a sandbag filling station but demand was so heavy on Sunday that supplies ran out. A 21-ton sand resupply was delivered to the City's Corp Yard (1949 Pacific Blvd.) on Monday afternoon and heavy bags should be available this morning (Jan. 3rd), but to be sure, bring your own bags (double bagging black Hefty garbage bags can work if you can't get the typical sandbag bags). Bring your own shovel as well if you have one.

You can text flooding problem spot tips to the Police Tip line at #888777.

Please read the City of San Mateo information about how to be safe in during this weather event. How You Can be Prepared (A Statement From The City Of San Mateo)

  • Get prepared NOW – get any supplies, groceries, sandbags etc. in advance

  • If you are able, plan to avoid driving or being out on the roads. If you must drive, NEVER DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED ROAD. You never know how deep the water is and cars have been submerged.

  • Help Clean Out Our Storm Drains: If you have a storm drain outside your home, consider adopting it to help clear it of debris prior to the rain

  • Only use 911 in an emergency. If you need to report an issue, call our non-emergency dispatch 650-522-7700, but please remember we are triaging many calls and crews are in the field responding.

  • Follow the City on social media for updates:

  • Sign up for emergency alerts through the Countywide SMC Alert and for San Mateo Police Department’s Nixle"

End of City of San Mateo message --------------------------------------------------- How You Can Have Your Voice Heard Your Baywood Neighborhood Association will be inviting a member of San Mateo's Department of Public Works to our Baywood Annual Meeting, Wednesday, February 22nd, in the Oak Room at the San Mateo Public Library Main Branch on 3rd Avenue (the meeting also will be available on Zoom). This will be a good opportunity to learn more about the City's plans and to make any concerns or ideas you have known to the City. In the meantime, you can share your thoughts tonight (Jan. 3rd) at 7pm during Public Comment at the City Council meeting at City Hall or on Zoom at Please share all this important information with your Baywood and San Mateo friends and neighbors so that everyone is prepared for this week's rains. Always feel free to reach out to the Baywood Neighborhood Association at, on our website at or on our Facebook page at Be prepared and have a happy and safe New Year!

Your Baywood Neighborhood Association Board of Directors Michael Nash Roger Oser Lisa Diaz Nash Mark Grieco Scott Long Doug Goldberg Teresa Rose Margaret Nieman



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