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Baywood Yard Sale



Another reason to celebrate this summer: the return of the Baywood Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday, June 17th, 9am-2pm!

This community yard sale is an event to help Baywood interested residents promote the sale of items they no longer need. The event draws many people into the neighborhood in search of treasures and deals on a wide variety of items. 


Now is a great time to start cleaning out your garage, attic and closets in preparation for this exciting event! It is a amazing opportunity to do some Spring cleaning and get rid of that set of chairs that
no longer fit in your family room or those unneeded tools. You can also deal with some of those
slightly used toys that your children don't play with anymore. 


Residents can sell items from their front yard or team up with other Baywood neighbors at one
of their homes. 

Your BNA Board will create a map of all participating sellers and promote it on social media and
in our Baywood Bulletin monthly email. We also will create banners and place them around
Baywood to get people excited about the event. 


How to participate:

  • Identify what goods you will be trying to sell.

  • Assemble a summary list of those types of items that will be in your sale.

  • Notify us of your interest to participate at least 5 days prior to the sale by sending an 
    email to:  Include the summary list of items, your 
    address and contact information.

For those homeowners that choose to donate all or a portion of their sale proceeds to a

meaningful nonprofit charity (and they notify us of it), we will acknowledge their donations in our
next newsletter.

Sign Up For the Baywood Yard Sale

  • Create a list of the items that will be in your sale;

  • Notify us of your interest in participating no later than July 14th by sending an email to:  so we can include you on the Baywood Yard Sale Map. 

  • Please include your name, address, telephone number, email, the summary list of items you want to sell and what you want to do with your proceeds.  












Tips For Success

  • Price each item in advance that you will include in your sale;

  • Only price items in whole dollar amounts (e.g. $1 vs. $1.50);

  • Be prepared to make change. Our suggestion would be to initially have approximately $40 in one- and five-dollar bills;

  • Be prepared for buyers to show up before the advertised start time of the sale. This can be annoying but manageable.  Remember the time of the sale (10am-2pm) has been advertised and there is no need to start early if you choose not to;

  • Though the pandemic is waning, masks and social distancing are still recommended.


Your Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) Board will:

  • Collect your information and consolidate it with other yard sale participants.

  • Publish the list and advertise the sale on Facebook, Nextdoor, Craigslist, etc.  a few days before the actual event. 

  • Use the information provided to generate a map of Baywood showing the location of each sale and make these available the day of the sale.



You can keep what you earn, or donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice, or to our program partners, the San Mateo Police Activities League and Samaritan House.

It’s likely that you will not sell all the things that you set out. There are places that will take donations for many of the things that you may still want to get rid of, some offering pickup.  Examples of these include:

  • Salvation Army

  • Parca

  • Goodwill

It's super easy and fun to participate.  Please share this event with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to sign up as well.

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you, your friends and Baywood neighbors on June 17th, 9am-2pm, for a fun and successful Baywood Yard Sale to celebrate our wonderful neighborhood!

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