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Fun & Facts At The 2022 Baywood Annual Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2022 Baywood Annual Meeting this week! We had great video presentations from students at Baywood Elementary and Borel Middle School. Each of your Baywood Neighborhood Association Board Members shared what we are doing on behalf of all of our neighbors. We welcomed our Mayor Rick Bonilla, who filled us in on the opportunities and challenges the City is facing. Mayor Bonilla took many questions from attendees, ranging from climate change to housing to traffic and public safety.

The evening was a great exchange of ideas. We also hope it helps everyone in Baywood get involved with one of the Baywood Neighborhood Association projects – replanting and beautifying our Islands, helping with our monthly Coffee Socials in Bay Tree Park, getting young families more involved with fun kid activities, advocating with the City on behalf of Baywood, and more. You have given us so many wonderful suggestions for projects we can tackle…now all we need are more Baywood volunteers to make these great projects happen!

You can view our 2022 Baywood Annual Meeting here (the passcode is 0JD@fzrW). Please share this with your Baywood neighbors and thanks so much for making Baywood such a great neighborhood!



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