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City of San Mateo Notice: Get Prepared, More Storms on the Way!

Another major storm is on the way with more rain and high winds expected Sunday evening through Tuesday. We urge residents to take precautions to protect themselves, their family and their property. Our Public Works crews will again be out this evening responding. We appreciate everyone in our community who has been working to prepare and respond to these storms that are impacting our entire region.

Follow our San Mateo Storm web page for updates.

For the latest forecast updates, visit

How You Can be Prepared:

  • Get prepared NOW – get any supplies, groceries, sandbags etc. in advance. Charge your devices and be prepared for potential power outages

  • If you are able, avoid driving or being out on the roads. If you must drive, NEVER DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED ROAD

  • WHO TO CALL: If you need to report flooding or clogged drains, call our Public Works dispatch at (650) 522-7300. For all our non-emergency dispatch 650-522-7700. Please remember we are triaging many calls and crews are in the field responding as quickly as they can, particularly to high-risk areas. Only use 911 in an emergency

  • Sign up for emergency alerts through the Countywide SMC Alert

San Mateo Creek Update:

At this time, the SFPUC believes the Crystal Springs reservoir will not spill through at least Wednesday, Jan. 11. This is good news, however THERE IS STILL RISK OF FLOODING for residents along the creek and other flood-prone areas due to the incoming storm, especially if you have experienced flooding in the past. We have been out clearing the creek of fallen trees and debris since the last storm. Please continue to take precautions against flooding and be prepared.

Visit our San Mateo Creek web page for City updates. Visit SFPUC's Reservoir Wet Weather web page for SFPUC updates and to see reservoir levels.

Sandbag Information for City of San Mateo Residents:

  • Free self-serve sandbag stations are open to City of San Mateo residents, currently at Corp Yard (1949 Pacific Blvd.) and Seal Point Park (1901 J. Hart Clinton Drive)

  • Bring your own heavy-duty trash bags in case supplies of bags are gone

  • Bring your own shovel if you have one

  • Updates will be provided at

Preparatory Steps the City is Taking:

  • Teams are out re-clearing storm water catch basins and trash racks throughout the city

  • Removing downed trees and debris from creeks

  • In areas more prone to flooding, for safety reasons we may proactively close roads and provide detours

  • Testing stormwater pump stations and planning for operational needs throughout the storm

  • Having additional staffing to assist during the storm

  • Maintaining a sandbag station at the Corp Yard and Seal Point Park

  • Lowering the Marina Lagoon even further below typical winter levels

  • Coordinating with the County, neighboring cities and the SFPUC

  • Opening our Emergency Operations Center to coordinate our City response

  • Proclaimed a local emergency



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