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Sign up by this Friday to be a seller in our 10th annual Baywood Neighborhood Yard Sale, this Saturday, June 17, 9AM-2PM! This year, we have a few Baywood families who are moving, so there will be even special items on sale. Whether you sell or not, make sure to stop're sure to find some thing(s) you'll love! This community event is a great way for you to “spring clean” your home of loved items you no longer need…they will become someone else’s treasures! From small beginnings, the sale has grown into a Baywood annual treat that typically draws over 200 treasure and deal hunters from around the Bay Area. Clean out your garage, attic and closets in preparation for this fun event. Get rid of that set of chairs that no longer fits in your family room, those surplus/unneeded tools, those toys your kids no longer play with. Residents can sell items from their front yard or team up with other Baywood neighbors and consolidate at one of your homes. Your Baywood Neighborhood Association Board will create a map of all participating sellers and promote it on social media, Craigslist and in our Baywood Bulletin monthly email. We will create banners and place them around Baywood to get people excited. Finally, the maps also will be available this Saturday on the 3rd Ave./Parrott Dr. island, as well as each of the sellers' homes. How To Participate

  • Identify what goods you want to sell.

  • Assemble a summary list of types of items that will be in your sale.

  • Let us know you want to participate by this Thursday, June 15th, at the latest by sending an email to Please include your:

    • summary list of items,

    • address

    • contact information (phone # and email).

For those residents who choose to donate all or a portion of their sale proceeds to a local nonprofit, please let us know so we can spotlight your gift in our next newsletter. For more information, please drop us a line at There also is information on our website with more useful details. This is always a fun event, so please sign up today as a seller at or plan to stop by this Saturday, June 17, 9am-2pm. Help make our 10th Annual Baywood Yard Sale the best one yet!


Wow! When Kathy Wade, Superintendent, St. John's Cemetery, generously offered to host a Baywood Coffee and give neighbors a tour of the cemetery's history, we had no idea it would be so popular! The first tour of 25 spots filled up within 2 hours (!), and a robust waitlist created. Kathy kindly agreed to host a second tour...and those 25 spots were filled in a flash. Clear proof that Baywood neighbors are very interested in our local history and the founding fathers and mothers of San Mateo!

Sheila Canzian, of the St. John's Cemetery Board (and a former San Mateo Parks and Recreation Director), shared many fascinating stories about the cemetery's and San Mateo's history. While established as a Catholic cemetery in 1886 by Abby Parrott (does Parrott strike a bell?) in memory of her husband, John Parrott Sr., anyone can be interred there today. Many of San Mateo's early settlers and renowned families are buried at St. John's Cemetery.

For a flavor of what was shared on the tour, check out a San Mateo Daily Journal article on St. John's from 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of St. John's Cemetery, or in visiting, please contact Kathy Wade, Superintendent at (650) 375- 0587 or

Thank you to Kathy Wade and Sheila Canzian for being such wonderful hosts and Baywood neighbors! If anyone has ideas about where we should hold future Baywood Coffees, please email us at

Our next Baywood Coffee will be Saturday, July 1, 9am-11am, back at Bay Tree Park, 150 Dartmouth Road. Wear your red, white and blue, bring a neighbor, meet a neighbor, have some fun!


Hoorah and mark your calendars! Summer is just around the corner, and that means the start of the Central Park Music Series beginning Thursday, June 22nd. Every Thursday, June 22-August 10, live bands will play 6pm-8pm in San Mateo's Central Park. From Rock to Country to Big Band to Latin, there's something for everyone. Bring a picnic and lawn chairs, buy snacks from food vendors, put on your dancing shoes and prepare to have a great evening.

Bands will be announced soon at This is a highlight of San Mateo summers, so get your friends together and get ready to spend Thursday nights singing, dancing and enjoying the great city we live in!



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