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BOIA Provides Donations to San Mateo Library and Aragon High School to Support Distance Learning

BOIA has recently made special targeted donations to the San Mateo Library Foundation and Aragon High School, both intended to help address some of the impact of Covid 19 pandemic and help our community with distance learning.

Our donation to the San Mateo Library Foundation was directed to help support their great Technology Lending Program, Their program provides loaned technology support to students and others for distance learning, in many cases the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides things such as loaner laptops, related hardware, and mobile cellular WIFI access points. Our BOIA donation will cover one month of cellular mobile access subscription for over 60 users.

We also made a donation to Aragon High School for supplies to help support in home study required by Covid 19 restrictions. Working with Valerie Arbizu, the new Aragon Principal, a need for home study materials was identified, specifically lab materials for chemistry and AP chemistry This donation will also go towards copy expenses for instructional packets related to this distance learning program.

These donations were made with funds from BOIA annual membership fees and demonstrate the Baywood community's commitment to supporting our educational and community institutions. We are proud to be able to help both the Library Foundation and Aragon High School as they work through challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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