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Lisa Diaz Nash & Mark Grieco of the BOIA Board with the Gonzalez family, 2020 Baywood Home Maintenance Award winners

As San Mateo gets ready for the relaxation of Statewide COVID-19 regulations, we must continue to practice safe health measures and encourage everyone who can to be vaccinated. At the same time, we are ready to celebrate the wonderful community we live in. What better way to do that than to nominate the Baywood home that you believe best exemplifies the beauty and welcoming nature of our Baywood community. We encourage all Baywood residents to send us nominations by Sunday, June 6th for the 2021 Baywood Homeowners Maintenance Award to Nominations should include:

  • Owners name(s);

  • Street address

  • Owner contact information (if available);

  • A high resolution (at least 300dpi) color photo of the home; and

  • 1-2 sentences about why this home should win the Award

Your Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) Board of Directors will choose the winning home and submit it to the San Mateo City staff. The winner will be recognized, along with the winners of the other San Mateo neighborhood association home maintenance awards, by the San Mateo City Council at a City Council meeting later this summer. The homeowners stole the show at last year's City Council Awards presentation, showing great pride in their efforts and desire to beautify their neighborhoods.

So nominate your favorite(s) and let's celebrate what a beautiful and friendly place Baywood is!

Thanks to all our 2021 nominations and nominators, as well as to our 2020 winners, the Gonzalez family, from your Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) Board of Directors!


The latest update on the Franklin/Fairfax Smooth Streets Reconstruction from Kellie Benz of San Mateo's Department of Public Works. One thing all of Baywood and City staff agree on is that we can't wait to celebrate the completion of this important but difficult project:-) ------------------------------------------------- Good news! The Smooth Streets project major paving operations along both Fairfax Avenue and Franklin Street are complete. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the City team reached this important milestone. No work is anticipated during the Memorial Day weekend. Looking ahead to next week, the remaining work includes:

  • June 1-5, the contractor will raise utility covers to match the finished grade and prepare the streets for striping. Please note that the work to raise utility covers and prepare for striping is not limited to Fairfax Avenue and Franklin Street but also includes other street segments, so the contractor’s presence is not expected to be continuous.

  • Beginning June 7 and requiring up to five days, the contractor will be completing site preparation for striping and performing striping work. Similar to the utility cover work, the striping work will occur throughout several segments around the City and the contractor’s presence on the project streets will not be continuous.

  • Following completion of the striping work, the City and contractor team will perform final walk-throughs and correct any minor items identified by the City as incomplete.

We will post this update to NextDoor in your neighborhood and you’ll find this update on our project webpage as well. Thank you again for your patience and a happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all. Kellie Benz Communications & Public Relations | Public Works 330 W. 20th Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403 O: 650-522-7282 C: 650-437-3027


As we all get vaccinated and begin to consider leaving our pandemic pods, here's another great Baywood community tradition we invite you to participate in: the return of the Baywood Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday, July 17th! We will update everyone if County health guidelines change, and we will strictly follow COVID-19 protocols. So start planning what you want to sell and what treasures you may be looking for! You've wanted to get rid of that set of chairs that don't fit in your family room, or you have slightly used toys that your kids don't play with any more. Make a list and plan to participate in the Baywood Annual Yard Sale. You can sell items from your front yard or go in with Baywood neighbors at one of their homes. This event always is a win-win. Baywood neighbors get to "spring clean" their homes while finding that "special something" that another neighbor is selling, and also helping our community. You can keep what you earn, or donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice, or to our program partners, the San Mateo Police Activities League and Samaritan House. Add your name to the list of families participating by sending an email to . Please include your name, address, telephone number, email, the summary list of items you want to sell and what you want to do with your proceeds. Your Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) Board will create a map of all participating sellers in Baywood, promote it on social media and have it available on July 17th. We have created banners and will place them around Baywood to get people excited about our great Baywood Yard Sale. It's super easy and fun to participate. Just let us know you want to participate and check back at our website in about a week for details and "tips for success." We are happy to answer any questions. Please share this email with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to sign up as well. Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you, your friends and Baywood neighbors on Saturday, July 17th for a fun, safe and successful Baywood Yard Sale to celebrate our wonderful neighborhood!


The following is a May 22, 2021 article by San Mateo Daily Journal reporter Curtis Driscoll on the launch of a campaign to raise funds to construct a Fallen Heroes Memorial in San Mateo's Central Park. We believe this is a very important project for our community and encourage everyone to get involved. We will share the website once it is available. --------------------------- The San Mateo City Council is donating up to $50,000 to kick-start fundraising efforts for the future Fallen Heroes Memorial in Central Park.

“The fundraising is going to take a bit of doing, but I think the [advisory] committee is up to the task. I welcome anyone in the city who wants to be a part of it. Please feel free to donate,” Councilmember Diane Papan, who is also the vice chair of the city advisory committee for the Fallen Heroes memorial, said.

The monument recognizes San Mateo community members who died while on duty for the military and San Mateo Police and Fire departments and features a red poppy design. At its May 19 meeting, the City Council approved a $25,000 seed donation to help incentivize donations and another $25,000 when the advisory committee has raised enough funds from outside sources to match. The money comes from the city’s general fund unassigned fund balance.

Fundraising for the $240,000 memorial recently started, which will primarily be raised through community donations. The city will also have a webpage to provide memorial information and collect donations that will go live June 1. The Parks and Recreation Foundation will handle the donations to ensure donors can deduct the contribution from their taxes.

“I think it’s very important for us to have a way that we can recognize our fallen and let our veterans work with us to do that. To show them more of the respect that they deserve and bringing the community together around this to realize that war has a cost,” Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla said.

In 2018, then Council Member Maureen Freschet formed an advisory committee to pick a design, with a remembrance poppy design eventually receiving November council approval. The red poppy is a flower and worldwide symbol popularized after World War I in Europe to recognize and remember veterans who died. The design features seven vertical stainless steel column poppy pieces that unite to form a single poppy flower when viewed from a certain angle. Each of the seven columns will represent a branch of the military and the San Mateo emergency services and include the names of people who died in service.

“It’s meant to offer a place of contemplation and reflection in a serene subset of the very busy Central Park,” City Clerk Patrice Olds, a city liaison to the advisory committee, said.

The council also approved a recognition policy for the Fallen Heroes Memorial, which will provide clear guidance on the criteria required to have a name on it. The policy uses military resources to gather names for past conflicts, makes distinctions between military and safety personnel, lists criteria for name placement on the memorial and details the application process for name placement. The city needed a criteria policy for unclear situations, such as a person who lived in San Mateo but was recorded as living in San Francisco or records that show a person’s connection to San Mateo.

“This is meant to be a process where we can vet that. It also gives guidance on definitions for what does [the] line of duty mean, and it outlines the process and criteria that will be used going forward,” Olds said.

Mayor Eric Rodriguez thanked Freschet for being the chair of the memorial advisory committee and spearheading fundraising and organizing efforts. He noted the memorial would help beautify the park and help educate future generations.

“I am just looking forward to seeing this in Central Park,” he said.



The City Council seeks participation from its diversely skilled citizens and encourages all who are interested to apply for a position on the PLANNING COMMISSION. Initial partial term ending 6/10/22. Eligible for a full first four-year term ending 6/10/26 and up to one additional four-year term thereafter. This commission operates as an advisory board to the Council. Hearings are held on elements of the General Plan and changes or additions to zoning ordinances. The Planning Commission also hears requests for: Environmental, Impact Reports (EIRs), Planned Developments, Reclassifications, Site Plan and Architectural Reviews (SPARs), Special Use Permits, Subdivisions, Variances. The Planning Commission meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. How to Apply: The Boards and Commission Application can be completed online, mailed upon request by emailing or phoning (650) 522-7040. Visit to download the application and learn more about Becoming a Commissioner. Application Deadline: June 11, 2021 @ 5:00p.m. Interview Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 @ 5:30pm Applicant Requirements: • Resident and a registered voter of the City of San Mateo • Meeting attendance required • If appointed, must attend a commissioner orientation session and any training offered • Are encouraged to attend a meeting of the Board/Commission they are applying for. You can watch videos of past Planning Commission meetings at the City's Public Meetings Portal:


As individuals and families continue to ride their bicycles more, and as summer months begin, here are some safety tips from the San Mateo Police Dept., Neighborhood Watch, and the City of San Mateo Public Works so you #GetHomeSafe:

1) First and foremost, always, ALWAYS, wear a helmet. Parents, lead by example and make sure you model the behavior you want your children to mimic. 85% of bike accidents involve a head 🧠 injury. So lock that noggin up tight! 2) 🏼‍♂️🏼‍♀️ Bicyclists need to ride with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road. If riding in a group, ride single file, in a line. 3) Use arm/hand signals to alert drivers to what you are doing, whether it be, changing lanes, turning or stopping. 4) Avoid distractions, don't use headphones, look for roadway obstructions, wear bright clothing, and make sure your bike has reflectors and head & tail lights. Be seen. 5) As a side note, make sure you have the make, model, color, speed, and serial number of your bicycle ✍🏼 written down somewhere safe. Just in case 🏼

San Mateo City Newsletter

The City of San Mateo has a City-wide eNewsletter where you can find information about upcoming activities, events, projects, initiatives and more. Brought to you from the City Manager's Office, this newsletter includes information from the Community Development, Fire, Library, Parks and Recreation, Police and Public Works departments. Please visit the email notification page to sign up for future newsletters. Check out the latest City news and e-newsletter here.


The mission of the Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) is to enrich our Baywood neighborhood through civic representation, local initiatives, community involvement and a partnership with the City of San Mateo. Thank you to everyone who has paid their annual BOIA dues to help pay for the news and activities you read about in the Baywood Bulletin. We also donate to Baywood Elementary, Borel Middle and Aragon High Schools and the San Mateo Public Library. There are three levels of dues: Gold: $130, Silver: $80 and Basic: $30. You can pay your dues at or send a check to: Baywood Owners Improvement Association PO Box 349 San Mateo, California 94401-0349 Love your Baywood neighborhood? Want to get to know your neighbors and make Baywood an even better place to live? Please consider joining the BOIA Board. We are a small group with big plans for Baywood! Whether you’re interested in some of our Beautification projects (e.g. Best of Baywood), would like to organize neighborhood get-togethers like our Baywood Social, or would like to help represent Baywood to other neighborhoods and City government departments, we would love to have you join us. Our BOIA Board meets the second Tuesday of every month, 7:30pm-9:00pm. We welcome any interested Baywood resident to come to one of our meetings to see what we're up to and share your ideas for how to make Baywood the best neighborhood. Please contact Michael Nash at or 650.400.6274.

To subscribe to the Baywood Bulletin, please email your name, email address and physical address to In the meantime, please share your Baywood Bulletin and encourage your neighbors to visit and sign up for the Baywood Bulletin. Thanks for your feedback, neighbor. Stay safe and healthy and hope to see you soon!



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