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Baywood Bulletin May 2024


To our Baywood Neighborhood Association members, neighbors and friends: 

The issue of establishing a Baywood historic district has led to passionate responses and many points of view in our neighborhood over the past several months.  It also has led to division in our neighborhood.  This is the last thing any of us wants, and something we all must do our best to counter.  Let’s work to keep listening to and understanding each other to the best of our ability. Hopefully, we can find over time a way to re-establish the connection and trust we have come to appreciate. 

While some have asked BNA to help them understand the details and facts of this complex issue, others feel BNA overstepped its mission by doing so.  Since BNA is here to support all Baywood neighbors across a wide spectrum of opinions, the BNA Board has decided to take down all educational information on our website related to the Baywood historic district topic and refer any future historic resources questions to the City of San Mateo. 

Our decision is made stronger as our City Council recently asked City staff to bring back a proposal to develop a citywide historic resources program.  If City Council approves this proposal, it will include extensive opportunities for people all over San Mateo, not just in Baywood, to provide their input on how they want the City to manage historic resources in San Mateo. 

This program, once implemented, would provide answers to specific questions property owners may have about how their properties could be affected.  This is the responsibility of local government, and not dictated by the historic designation of the State, even if such a designation is made,  This program also would determine what level of historic resource management is best for San Mateo - this is for our community to decide - and eliminate the information vacuum that currently exists and has caused concern.  

BNA believes the City is best suited to lead the development of this citywide historic resources program.  BNA hopes this proposal is approved, that all interested individuals and groups participate vigorously, and that the program is developed quickly.  A robust citywide historic resources program should provide the assurances San Mateans seek that the City is watching out for the historical integrity of San Mateo, while reassuring property owners, and enabling our City to grow as per the goals of our General Plan 2040.  We believe this program, with property owner input and involvement, will protect our historic resources while, at the same time, not overburdening owners with restrictions.

BNA has tried our best to maintain a neutral position on this topic and only provide educational information on the complexities related to historic resources in response to the direct request of many Baywood neighbors.  As part of this, we contributed to a high-level survey in 2022 to determine the likelihood of Baywood qualifying to be a historic district should a more detailed study be made.  We thought this was factual information that Baywood property owners should understand.  A 1989 survey done by the City indicated that Baywood likely had sufficient historic resources to qualify, but lack of funding prevented the City from finishing the survey until today.

The BNA Board never intended our contribution to this survey to be interpreted as an endorsement of any effort to create a Baywood historic district.  We are truly sorry that some in our community have interpreted it that way. 

In conclusion, your BNA Board has decided that it is best for BNA to step back from any direct role in historic resources and, instead, support the development of the City’s citywide historic resources program as it affects Baywood.  We will continue to focus on our community through neighborhood beautification and events, as well as support of our Baywood schools and the San Mateo Public Library. We also will continue to share City of San Mateo highlights to keep our neighbors informed on important issues and how you can get involved.  

We hope you will see this as a positive development and continue to help BNA, our wonderful neighborhood and the City be the best we can be.  There are several upcoming events, from the June 1 Baywood Yard Sale (read below) to the summer Music in Central Park series, and the ever-popular Baywood Home Maintenance Award.  Stay tuned to your Baywood Bulletin and help us celebrate what makes Baywood, and San Mateo, such a great place to live.

Thank you for listening to us.  We will continue to listen to each of you and do our best, as volunteers, to respond and take your opinions and ideas into consideration.  You can reach us at or on our website,  Please let us know if you would like to meet with any of us individually, or over a cup of coffee, to keep the communication and conversation going. Thank you for letting us know. 

Your Baywood Neighborhood Association Board

Mike Nash

Roger Oser

Lisa Diaz Nash

Mark Grieco

Scott Long

Teresa Rose

Margaret Nieman 

Cindy Harper


It’s almost time for our 11th annual Baywood Neighborhood Yard Sale, Saturday June 1st from 9am – 2pm!

This event has been a community favorite, typically drawing more than 200 excited bargain seekers from around the Bay Area.  And our Baywood Yard Sale Marshal is retiring this year, so let’s make it the biggest success ever.

Do you want to clean out your closets?  Are you looking for that special tool or clothes or toys for your fast-growing kids that won’t break the bank?  Whether you’re looking for a treasure, or you’re looking to pass on your treasures, the Baywood Yard Sale is for you!

Now is the time to start cleaning out your garage, attic and closets in preparation for this fun event.  You can sell items from your front yard or team up with other Baywood neighbors and sell at one of their homes.

Your BNA Board will create a map of all participating sellers and promote it on social media, Craigslist, on our website and our Baywood Bulletin monthly email. We also create banners and place them around Baywood to get people excited about the event. 

How To Participate

  • Identify what goods you want to sell.

  • Assemble a summary list of types of items that will be in your sale.

  • Notify us of your interest to participate at least 5 days prior to the sale by sending an email to: Include the:

  • summary list of items,

  • your address

  • your contact information (phone # and email).

For those homeowners who choose to donate all or a portion of their sale proceeds to a nonprofit (and they notify us of it), we will acknowledge their donations in our next newsletter.

If you are interested in participating in this year's Yard Sale, working on future Baywood Yard Sales, or just want more information, please drop us a line at or visit our website at which will contain a number of helpful tips.

We hope you have fun and are successful in cleaning out your closets.






After many years of planning and fundraising, San Mateo will officially unveil our new Fallen Heroes Memorial in Central Park next to the Rose Garden on Thursday, May 23rd 1:30pm-2:30pm.  Dedicated to all military, police and fire fallen heroes from San Mateo, this memorial will be a place of peace and reflection where we can be grateful that so many have given so much for us.

The Memorial itself is a unique work of art.  Each service has its own vertical panel, listing  the names of its fallen members.  When you step back, however, you see the whole is designed in the shape of a red poppy, the symbol of service member remembrance.

There will be brief remarks and refreshments served.  Please mark your calendars and try to stop by.  We look forward to celebrating with you then!



The City has been working for the past several months to update its ordinance and design standards regarding the installation of small cell towers needed to support the increase in broadband usage in our community.  The goal is to ensure our residents and businesses have the broadband speed and access they need, while also protecting community health and ensuring these installations are designed to have minimal impact on our surroundings.

This has been a topic of great interest across San Mateo in recent months.  City staff will bring back their study and recommendations to City Council on Monday, May 6th, at 5:30pm, in Council Chambers at City Hall, 330 W. 20th Avenue.  You also can zoom into the session.  Check the Public Meetings tab on the website the previous weekend for the zoom link.


The City’s Housing Element, setting out how our city could grow and provide housing over the next 20 years, was found to be in substantial compliance with State housing law by the State Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) on January 19, 2024.

The revised 2023-2031 Housing Element, which includes some minor technical edits and updated formatting, is available for public review online, with a hardcopy available at City Hall. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on April 23rd to review the Housing Element and provided a recommendation to City Council to adopt the Housing Element.

The City Council will hold a public hearing to consider adoption of the Housing Element on May 20, 2024, at 7pm, at City Hall, 330 W. 20th Ave., San Mateo.  You also can zoom into the session.  Check the Public Meetings tab on the website the previous weekend for the zoom link.



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