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The Baywood Community During Shelter in Place

April 19, 2020 | Zoe McKay

As the county and much of the country remains under shelter-in-place orders, the neighborhood is adjusting in a number of different ways.

More people are getting out and taking advantage of the California weather by walking, running and biking around Baywood. It is a great idea to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, and has both physical and mental benefits. Just remember to practice social distancing and remain 6 feet away from others.

For those who have been exploring the neighborhood, you may have noticed the stuffed teddy bears in the windows of many homes. This was started as a fun treasure hunt for kids to look for while they were out on these walks with the families. You may have also seen a few windows with rainbows displayed. This is a symbol to show resolve during these difficult times, with the message that “After every storm comes a rainbow”. Although these gestures are simple in nature, they show the efforts of our community along with the rest of the world to stay positive while sheltering in place.

Another significant effort several community members have undertaken is the making of masks. These have been donated to healthcare workers and also sold to the public with the proceeds going to numerous organizations. And with the new order requiring the public and workers to wear masks, these efforts are even more important.

Neighbors have also made a concerted effort to check on each other, particularly on the elderly. Our older population and those with compromised immune systems need to continue to isolate themselves and take extra precautions. Offering to help with shopping, run errands, or just sharing a friendly conversation (while practicing social distancing), are all great ways to be a good neighbor.

These small efforts make a big impact and all together can make a difference in our community. So, get involved whether it’s putting a teddy bear in your window, making hand sewn masks, or checking in on your neighbor. Every effort counts!

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