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2023 Best of Baywood Holiday Lights Winners!

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2023 Best of Baywood Holiday Lights Award Winners, the Ostrowski family at 514 Fairfax Avenue!

Congratulations to the Ostrowski family, 514 Fairfax Avenue, for being our 2023 Holiday Lights Award winners!

We have such a beautiful display of holiday lights throughout Baywood in December each year. This year, the Ostrowski family at 514 Fairfax Avenue received their award for the house with the most flair. Thank you to Papa Chris and son, Ronan, for their creative teamwork!  Instead of a $100 gift certificate to a San Mateo merchant, the Ostrowskis chose to make a donation to Samaritan House to help families in need. Many thanks!


Thanks so much to the Ostrowskis, and we are so glad you are our neighbors!

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