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2023 Home Maintenance Awards! 

The Baywood Neighborhood Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2023 Baywood Outstanding Home Maintenance Award is given to Ann and David Ridgeway on Yale Drive!!


Ann and David Ridgeway exemplify why our neighborhood is such a beautiful place. Inspired by a trip to a temple in Japan, they lovingly designed and planted a beautiful Japanese-style garden in their front yard on Yale Drive. Every detail has been addressed, from 4 different types of Japanese maple trees that give off magnificent color throughout the year to highlighting a Gingko tree that Ann's parents planted there when Ann grew up in the house. Their back yard continues the Japanese theme of tranquility and welcome while expanding a prolific vegetable garden and fruit trees that produce at a rate that could qualify them for a booth at the CSM Farmer's Market!

unnamed (16).jpg
unnamed (16).jpg


Ann and David's passion for their environment and desire to create an oasis that all can enjoy helped them stand out amidst nearly 25 entries in this year's Baywood Home Maintenance Award competition. Congratulations to all the nominated homes! We are so lucky that our Baywood neighbors care so much about maintaining their homes and our neighborhood. So take a stroll up Yale Drive and enjoy a bit of Japan in Baywood!

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