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Take a look the amazing work Teresa Rose, Baywood Neighborhood Association board member, is overseeing in our seven intersection islands!

A word from Ms.Rose:

Take a look at this butterfly photo... isn't that a cool butterfly? I found it flitting around on my backyard plants and managed to get a photo of it. Are you curious about its name? I was. ;)

The butterfly is actually pictured on one of my backyard California natives, named Diamond Heights Ceanothus, discovered right here in the SF Bay Area. And this particular butterfly is here in my yard because I have its favorite caterpillar plant growing there, Monkeyflower.

Exciting news! We've received permission from San Mateo City staff to plant California native plants and other drought tolerant plants on our islands. Not only is this needed when water is in short supply, the planting also will attract butterflies, birds, and bees, and add beauty to our neighborhood. Here’s a super website to view some possible plants: Go to "Inventory," and browse around. (Some possibilities could be Buckwheats, California Fuchsia, Monkeyflower, Milkweed, etc.)

So you know, we're beginning our first California native Island transformation on the Kentucky/Nevada Island. In addition it will also be adorned with the artwork of Baywood neighbor, John Sutti, and Jim Murphy. We just finished getting irrigation to the island. Watch for our progress!

Lastly, here's a recording of the recent San Mateo Arboretum Society butterfly webinar that is so wonderful you might want to watch it again and again!

Please email me if you want to get involved in this project at You also can leave a message at I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Baywood's Butterfly Islands!



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