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Baywood Home Maintenance Award

As San Mateo gets ready for the relaxation of Statewide COVID-19 regulations, we must continue to practice safe health measures and encourage everyone who can to be vaccinated.  At the same time, we are ready to celebrate the wonderful community we live in.  What better way to do that than to nominate the Baywood home that you believe best exemplifies the beauty and welcoming nature of our Baywood community.  
We encourage all Baywood residents to send us nominations by Sunday, June 13th for the 2021 Baywood Homeowners Maintenance Award to  Nominations should include:

  • Owners name(s); 

  • Street address

  • Owner contact information (if available); 

  • A high resolution (at least 300dpi) color photo of the home; and

  • 1-2 sentences about why this home should win the Award

Your Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA) Board of Directors will choose the winning home and submit it to the San Mateo City staff.  The winner will be recognized, along with the winners of the other San Mateo neighborhood association home maintenance awards, by the San Mateo City Council at a City Council meeting later this summer.  The homeowners stole the show at last year's City Council Awards presentation, showing great pride in their efforts and desire to beautify their neighborhoods.  

So nominate your favorite(s) and let's celebrate what a beautiful and friendly place Baywood is!

Thanks to all our 2021 nominations and nominators, as well as to our 2020 winners, the Gonzalez family, from your Baywood Owners
Improvement Association (BOIA) Board of Directors!


Lisa Diaz Nash & Mark Grieco of the BOIA Board with the Gonzalez family, 2020 Baywood Home Maintenance Award winners

Michael Nash, BOIA Vice President, with Tierney Beizer, 2019 Baywood Home Maintenance Award Winner

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